About us

We are a commercial and residential property company for whom the directors in the company have over 50 years of experience in connection with the development of property and construction.

Unprecedented for over 50 years

Tribecka Group have over 50 years experience in land acquisition, design, planning and construction.

Exactly what we seem

We have pride in creating unique builds that make a statement, but still perform as workable spaces.


Our reputation comes from how others talk about us, and stems from creating eye-opening builds. Reinventing old stories for the next generation that crave a new sequel.

Gym Diglis

Entrepreneurial from bottom to tip top

We’ve worked in every aspect of the construction process, so have an understanding of what it takes to deliver a high-quality, desirable project.

We see what others have missed

Tribecka Group’s consultancy team, provide compelling enrichment to the design of all our developments.

Additional resources

Our designs are delivered to you. From sketches to the finished schemes, we shift ideas into profit. Through an understanding of construction design, we change revenues into profits.

Destination overdrive

Our access to various substantial funding pools, currently provides us with an excess of £120m.
With a time frame of 2-3 years design and production, we are positioned as a current success.

Our dynamite approach

This coupled with a talented group of professionals, equips us with all the assets to attack any development opportunity.